Investment Disclaimer

Brovesting is not responsible for any actions taken by readers or prospective investors of this website. All information that is provided is intended to assist investors and readers of this website. None of the information stated  shall it be taken as an offer to invest nor shall it be taken as definitive investment advice. All information published is subject to change, correction, amendment and completion without notice. All past results shall not be taken to indicate potential future results. Readers shall consult with their own approriate advisers before making any transaction regarding an stated investment or advice. 

Brovesting may make statements, estimates or projections that constitute “forward-looking statements” , which are defined under U.S. federal and other jurisdictions securities laws. All statements shall not be taken to indicated definitive results. Actual forward resuts may vary significantly from stated projections within this website. Past or present expectations and experience shall not be taken to constitute forward looking statements or expectations. Brovesting is under no obligation to revise or update and current or previously stated forward looking statements.


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