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HSD – Twitter (TWTR)

The Hot Stock of the Day is Twitter Inc (TWTR). Twitter was on a tear today up 5.80% to close at $51.99 and is up 24.85% since the beginning of last week. Twitter has been an interesting stock to follow since it just IPOed on November 6th, for $26 a share. Investors have been, and still are, cautious thinking that this will be another Facebook (FB) .

Twitter’s revenue model is still being developed and their user base is still growing. They have not fully tapped into the potential revenue generation that they will see moving forward. A lot of investors are sitting on the sideline and waiting to see where they will go.

Twitter is still fairly speculative at this point. I am bullish on this company, but cannot justify it at its current valuation.

Disclaimer: I currently do not hold a position in the above mentioned investment. I may look to add to a position in the above mentioned investment, within the next 30 days. I may take a short position in the above mentioned investment within the next 30 days.